G-Spot Lines Paris

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BS Atelier is everything I look for in a sex toy company. They manufacture a variety of body-safe products in original colors and patterns. These are some of the coolest looking sex toys I’ve ever seen, and they certainly stand out in the sea of pink and purple gendered sex toys that are currently flooding the market.

These products are hand made so each one will look a little different, but one thing you can count on is that it will look awesome. I don’t buy dildos just for looks though. They have to be effective. Unfortunately the G-Spot Lines Paris, which I got in Large, wasn’t quite right for my body.

G-Spot Lines Paris is a high quality product and I’m sure it could work for a lot of people, but it didn’t give me what I needed in terms of g-spot stimulation. I need either pressure or high speed thrusting against my g-spot, and this toy could not effectively provide either.

BS Atelier’s silicone is fairly soft and pliable. It feels a lot like duel density silicone when squished, but it is not. I think this toy could have benefited from a firmer core because it bends against itself very easily. Some people may enjoy the softer material, but it makes firm pressure almost impossible to achieve. The silicone is also fairly draggy which can intensify the stimulation, but which also means you will need a lot of lube.

The other issue I find with the G-spot Lines Paris is that it is bottom heavy. It broadens out towards the base and this can make it difficult to grip. The shape of this toy is just not ergonomic or well designed for thrusting. What the shape is well designed for is harness use. It stands up well in a harness and you’ll look badass wearing it too. That will probably be my main use for the toy from now on.

Although this toy didn’t work well for my body it is an undeniably high quality product, and I know a lot of people who love it. I would recommend this toy to people who are looking for softer and more flexible materials, and to those who only require light pressure against their g-spots. The G-Spot Lines Paris is not a cheap toy, so it’s important to know your body before making the 80€ ($86.11) investment.

If you are interested in this product, or any other products by Bs Atelier, you can purchase them at http://shop.bsatelier.com/product/g-spot-especial-lines.


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