Gballs2 Kegel Exerciser

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In the sex toy industry, failed attempts at innovation seem to be popping up everyday (I’m looking at you Lelo.) So when I found out Fun Toys was sending me the Gballs2 for review, I was weary that it would even work at all. The Gballs2 is a new form of kegel exercise toy that is meant to recognize and respond to your movements. It vibrates when you clench your muscles around it, and it comes with a corresponding training app that guides you through various exercises. 

The technology works only slightly better then I anticipated. The toy tends to un-sync from the app very frequently and it often fails to respond to your movements. However, the training exercises on the app can generally be followed regardless of if the toy is responding, and I did find that having laid out exercises and goals was very motivational.

Although the app is helpful in terms of function, I found it to be very gendered and possibly even a little sexist. For example, the titles for the different training programs include Beginner, Honeymoon, Planning a Baby, Young Mom, Muscle Recovery, and Hot Lover.

In addition to the setting that allows you to sync the toy with the app, there is a second setting that simply provides a mild and steady vibration. The vibrations are a little buzzy, but they are a fun added bonus.

The most common way I use this toy is actually with it turned off altogether. I find that I really do enjoy it as a simple and straightforward kegel exerciser. It’s nice quality silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, comes with a one year warranty, and it is very comfortable once inserted. It is very light though, so it’s not a very challenging exerciser, but it is nice for wearing around and forgetting about. It’s also nice to have the bonus option of vibration even if it is a little weak.

This product is alright but I’m not sure it is worth the $100 price tag. I think of the gballs2 mostly as a pair of good quality, beginners level, lightweight, kegel balls with some added bonuses. If that’s what you are looking for and you have the money to spend, I’d say get them. Otherwise I would look elsewhere. If you are interested in purchasing the Gballs2 they are available at for $92.

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