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About Positively Toys

My name is Craig and I’m a married father of three children. We all live in a large Canadian city with our 2 cats.

I don’t always have time for sex with my wife or the desire to try sex toys, but I consider sexuality an important part of my life. My wife feels the same and you’ll see contributions from her here from time to time.

My goal is to spread positivity about sex toys. You see, I think that men are given the short straw when it comes to general acceptance of sex toys in our society today. Most men who use sexual stimulation devices like the Fleshlight are branded as lonely, desperate, or sad. I am none of those things. I have a wonderful relationship with my wife and we have plenty of sex. I’m not depressed or sad and I am certainly not desperate and horny. I enjoy sex and I enjoy tools that increase my pleasure. Plain and simple.

It’s time to put aside these stereotypes that men that live in their mother’s basement are the only ones buying a Fleshlight or other male masturbation toy. Lots of normal and happy men are making sperm deposits into many many different types of toys.

I’m here to tell you what I know about these toys. I’m here to entertain and inform you.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

  • Craig P.