Everyone seems to be hopping aboard the Fleshlight train lately. You find more and more Fleshlight reviews online and it just seems to be becoming more popular lately. You can read my review of Fleshlight Girls if you’re interested.

Today’s Fleshlight, however, doesn’t look like the typical Fleshlight that most of us are used to seeing. Take a look through some Fleshlight porn and do you notice something? They’re almost all clear. What you’re seeing here is the Fleshlight ICE. They’re made from a see-through sleeve and clear plastic case and they are just amazing!

Before I get into why I prefer the ICE, here’s a breakdown of what the Ice is and what your options are.

Fleshlight ICE

Fleshlight ICE - Classic fleshlight in clear

Fleshlight ICE is based upon the original, classic, flashlight-looking Fleshlight. The case itself is almost 10 inches long and there is 8.5 inches of insertable sleeve for you to enjoy. It almost seems silly to keep the standard flashlight shape because there is no mistaking this for something other than a sex toy.


You have three options for different orifices. The Ice Lady, Ice Butt, and Ice Pure. They are obviously a vaginal opening, an anus, and a non-anatomical opening. In my opinion, the orifices don’t really feel very different but there can be a psychological factor that makes one person prefer something in particular. For example, a homosexual man probably wouldn’t prefer the Ice Lady.

Fleshlight ice lady orifice
Fleshlight ICE Lady orifice.
Fleshlight ice butt orifice
Fleshlight ICE Butt orifice.



Fleshlight ice pure orifice
Fleshlight ICE Pure orifice.



Fleshlight Ice Sleeve Texture

There is only one option for sleeve texture with the Fleshlight Ice. It’s a pretty good option at that. I must say, however, that this sleeve is better for men with larger penises. You can see in the image that the sleeve starts out with a comparatively larger internal diameter (on the left side) and gets tighter as you move to the right side.

Remember I said that the insertable portion is 8.5″ long, so if your penis is about 5″ long, you’re not going to be able to experience that tighter portion at the end because you won’t reach that far. There IS a nice bit of squeeze at the 5″ mark though so if your penis is around 5 or 6″, you’ll find that you get a little head rub.

If the head of your penis is especially prone to getting sensitive, I would recommend a different Fleshlight. This sleeve texture is fairly targeted for the head of your penis, regardless of your size.


Why the Clear Fleshlight is so Popular

It’s pretty simple.

If sales of the Fleshlight Ice are any indication, guys like seeing their junk while they masturbate. Honestly, it looks pretty cool to see the little nubs massaging your meat and seeing it squish through the skinny parts of the sleeve.

This isn’t the only reason why a clear Fleshlight is superiour though:

  • Your lady friend will enjoy using it on you to see everything, especially the money shot at the end.
  • You’ll be able to see if it hasn’t been cleaned properly because it isn’t just a bottomless pit of ecstasy that gets a squirt of baby batter now and then. You can see in the crevices to make sure it really is clean.
  • It can be less realistic than a regular Fleshlight, especially if you choose the Pure orifice. This may be great for men that aren’t into pretending or have shame issues with masturbating.
  • Lastly, it magnifies your penis just a little bit! Who wouldn’t want to look at a bigger version of your dick?


You can read reviews or  pick up your own Fleshlight Ice straight from Fleshlight.com




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