Anyone who has ever bought a Fleshlight will tell you the same thing:

“There are so many Fleshlights to choose from. How do you even pick?”

There are countless different orifices (entry points), sleeve textures (the bumpy part that you stick your penis into) and cases (the hard part that holds the sleeve).

So you do what most of us do. You look online for Fleshlight reviews like this one at and see what everyone else likes best. The problem with Fleshlight reviews is that every penis is unique and every penis likes something a little bit different.

Here’s another review to plop onto the pile. Today we’ll be talking about Fleshlight Girls.

Fleshlight Girls – Who is the Best Fleshlight Girl for Me?

Fleshlight Girls are Fleshlights designed after real porn stars. This is as close as most of us will ever get to fucking a famous porn star.

If you’re really into realism with your masturbatory efforts and need that mental imagery, Fleshlight girls are certainly for you. The openings are moulded replicas of labia and, just like with real women, no two labia are the same!

We’ve picked out three of the best selling Fleshlight Girls to showcase. Stoya, Dillon Harper, and Alexis Texas. Each of these girls has a custom orifice, best selling sleeve texture, and a photo gallery that can provide the inspiration for all your alone time needs.

Stoya the Destroya

Fleshlight Girl Stoya bending over with her Fleshlight
Sexy and fierce Stoya with her signature Fleshlight

Stoya is a leader in the porn industry. She’s beautiful and talented, of course. She’s also smart, sharp, and fierce. If we’re being honest, Stoya is completely intimidating and unattainable

This is why it’s so fun to fuck her Fleshlight. Stoya is not one to be dominated but you can make that pussy your own.

Stoya’s Fleshlight

With the Stoya Fleshlight, you get to choose which entry point you want. The standard vaginal opening is perfect but the Forbidden orifice is a tight rear entry and feels just as good. With orifices, it really comes down to what you like to visualize while you’re having sex. The difference in sensation is negligible.

Fleshlight girl Stoya - orifice
Stoya’s standard  orifice
Flesh light girl Stoya the destroya forbidden orifice
Stoya’s forbidden orifice

Stoya’s sleeve texture is what makes her Fleshlight so incredible and a favorite among men around the world.

Fleshlight Girl Stoya. Stoya the destroya fleshlight sleeve
Stoya the Destroya sleeve texture. One of Fleshlight’s most popular sleeves.

The texture is good for men with larger or smaller penises. There is over 9 inches of insertable material so most men won’t find that they bottom out on Stoya. The majority of the nubs and “fingers” inside the sleeve are found at the earliest (left side in picture) portion past entry. This means that if your penis is on the average sized (in around the 5” mark), you’ll get to experience the best sensations. You won’t have any trouble not being able to “reach” the spots that have the best textures.

If you’re on the larger side of the penis spectrum, we find that having a fairly uncomplicated last few inches of the sleeve means that you can maintain deep thrusting right through towards orgasm without experiencing overstimulation and sensitivity.

Stoya is great for a first time Fleshlight. Yes, it’s built upon the larger (8-9”) platform which, some men find a little large for their liking, but the sleeve texture is designed so that big and small penises alike can enjoy her.

Alexis Texas

flesh light girl alexis texas with fleshlight
Dat ass. Alexis Texas is the southern belle of the porn industry

Alexis Texas is a southern belle with an ass that just doesn’t quit. It’s really one of a kind and men around the world have been drooling after it for years.

You have two options if you would like to fuck Alexis Texas. You can choose her butthole, which is the Tornado, or her vagina, the Outlaw.

Alexis Texas Tornado

Fleshlight Girl Alexis Texas Tornado Orifice
Alexis Texas Tornado

Fleshlight Girl Alexis Texas Sleeve
Alexis Texas Tornado

This is the most popular of the two options for Alexis Texas. Her ass is perfect and the Fleshlight based upon that beautiful bum is just as good.

The Texas Tornado sleeve doesn’t look particularly complicated at first glance. One might even think that it looks a little boring. This is certainly not the case.

It has a twisted ribbing throughout the entire sleeve. What you get with the Tornado is consistency, in a good way. The thick ribs provide a bumpy ride that is great for small and larger penises. The tornado is a little bit tighter overall than the Destroya so if you’re looking for something tighter, this may be it.

Alexis Texas Outlaw

Fleshlight girl Alexis Texas Outlaw Orifice
Alexis Texas Outlaw
Fleshlight Girls Alexis Texas Outlaw Sleeve
Alexis Texas Outlaw sleeve

Newer to her lineup, Alexis Texas now offe
rs a chance to have sex with her vagina. Unlike most of the Fleshlight sleeve designs, Outlaw is more enjoyable for men with larger penises. It has a slightly larger internal diameter and that diameter shrinks the closer you get to the end.

Men with 5” of length won’t be able to enjoy the squeeze at the end of the sleeve and this is really what makes this sleeve special.

If you are sporting a larger penis, this really is one of the best Fleshlights for big cocks.

Dillion Harper

Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper with her signature Fleshlight
Dillion Harper with her signature Fleshlight. Not your average girl-next-door.

Dillion Harper is, unequivocally the perfect Girl-Next-Door. Entering the adult industry in 2012, she quickly became the sweetheart of the porn world. Don’t be deceived by her innocent looks however, she loves to fuck.


Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper Crush Orifice
Dillion Harper’s Crush
Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper Crust
Dillion Harper’s Crush sleeve

There is only one option for Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight, and it’s a doozy. Crush is one of our favorite sleeves because it’s simply perfect for the average 5-6” penis.

You’ll notice that the sleeve has a certain something special at exactly the 5-6” mark. This isn’t an accident. The average man’s penis will reach this point exactly as he’s thrusting into the Fleshlight. This means that you’ll get a perfect little squeeze on the tip of your penis.

While this isn’t touted as a blowjob replacement sleeve, the sensation is somewhat similar to a shallow blow job with lots of manual hand action.

For guys that are under 5” in length, this probably isn’t the sleeve for you as you won’t be able to reach the best part. If you’re over 6 inches and tend to get sensitive heads, this will definitely work. The last few inches are fairly uncomplicated and won’t overstimulate you.


Here are our picks for the three best Fleshlight Girl Sleeves.

Stoya is great for smaller penises and larger penises that don’t need a lot of stimulation on the tip.

The Alexis Texas Tornado is perfect for all sizes and men that like a consistent squeeze and texture. The Alexis Texas Outlaw is the one you’ll want to choose if you have a larger (7” +) penis and enjoy targeted stimulation on your tip.

Dillon Harper is our pick for men that have average sized penises or very long penises that don’t need a great deal of stimulation at the tip.

Your choices may seem overwhelming, but know this:

All of the Fleshlights feel good.

We’re in the business of making sure people are getting the BEST Fleshlight experience, the best bang for their buck, and have the best sensations for their own unique body.


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